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A Strategy for Self-care

There is no single, magic ingredient for healing.

Healing is messy, and how we move forward is usually a result of many different practices – some that worked for us, and some that didn’t.

What matters is that we look after ourselves in all of our phases, through the practice of self-care.

Why is self-care so important?

Self-care is important because it reminds us that WE are important.

In today’s busy world, we can often find ourselves jumping from one task to the next without taking the time to recharge our mental and physical batteries.

On top of this, healing from trauma can take a toll on our health and how we show up in the world.

It is important to give ourselves the time and space needed to reflect, let go, move forward and flourish.

Why do we need to plan our self-care?

Over the past few months I have learned that no matter which way I choose to work on my healing, I must do so with consistency. I must make time for it, and actively engage in my practices to make real progress. Cue the self-care PLAN!

Having a self-care plan gives us peace of mind that we can and will make time for the things that make us feel joyful, more focused and just generally happier in our lives.

What should I include in my self-care plan?

It is important to understand that a self-care plan will look different for all of us.

We all have unique life experiences and should work towards building a plan that works for us as individuals.

When I drafted my self-care plan, I carefully considered and included practices that I knew I could maintain consistently.

What should a self-care plan look like?

The beauty of a self-care plan is that it can look however we want it to look!

I have used practices that worked for me, and these include Gratitude, Exercise and Support.

Each day

  • Morning gratitude – write down, or communicate to someone else, one or more things that I am thankful for

  • Exercise – moving my body for at least 30 minutes each day


  • Block out at least two hours over the weekend for ‘white space’ – that is, taking two hours to completely relax without any external pressures or responsibilities, and not feeling guilty for it!


  • Organise at least two catch ups during the month with different friends or support groups.

How will I make sure I can stick to my plan?

The great part about a self-care plan is that it is purely designed by us, for us.

This means that what, when and where I choose to practice self-care is my decision. I can implement my self-care at times that work for me so that it doesn’t feel like a chore.

By having a plan that honours ourselves and our time, we are more likely to comfortably set boundaries with others and stay on track with our self-care.


Blogging GEMS program

This Blog is a part of the Blogging GEMS program, which supports domestic violence survivors to practise the self-care strategies of Gratitude, Exercise, Mindfulness, Support, and Service (GEMS). As they practise the strategies, they blog about can read their survivor GEMS Blogs:

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