HEART Program

HEART Program – Healing Equine Art Resilience Therapy is for families  and individuals impacted by domestic and family violence.

Equine Assisted Therapy component of the HEART program


Equine Assisted Therapy is a professional, creative and experiential approach used to support and help people work through the aftermath effects of abuse. Horses offer an opportunity to build an authentic, trust- based relationship which can be very healing. The unique bond between the horse and the individual allows for painful experiences to be processed. Studies show a significant decrease in post traumatic stress disorder after equine assisted therapy. 


The art therapy component of the ‘HEART’ program

The art therapy component of the ‘HEART’ program utilises a published children’s book ‘Charming Charlie and the Spectacular Sophia’ together with the accompanying workbook which was developed with the assistance of Education Queensland staff.  The novel follows the two main characters, Charlie and Sophia through the experiences of bullying and how they build resilience together and create positive change in their school.  It is a book about kindness, empathy and hope.  The workbook includes multi-modal activities that assist children and adults to understand the issues of bullying behaviour and the associated emotions by containing them within art applications, storytelling, activities, music and song woven into an informative and fun packed program over a span of 4 sessions in 8 weeks for children and their parents.  

Meet your HEART Program Facilitators


Linda has been working within the Healthcare sector providing support for patients, family and staff  with a particular focus on Safety and Quality for over 30 years. She is also a qualified Psychotherapist, Equine Assisted Psychotherapist and Director for Broken to Brilliant. Her main focus is supporting people to discover their true self by exploring within a safe and nurturing environment areas of social-emotional development, relationships, self-awareness, healing, growth and change. Her Psychotherapy practice 'Rein Changer' runs a range of individual and group Equine Assisted programs including specifically for children/ Adolescence/ Adults, support programs for Abuse survivors and staff working within Healthcare and Support Services. She also has custom designed programs for individual, team organisation levels that incorporate mindfulness, gestalt and neuroscience research aimed at building self awareness, resilience, relationship and communication skills for leaders and teams. Linda also has over 40 years horsemanship experience and has a quarter horse stud 'Ricinda Ranch' based in the Gold Coast Hinterland and offers an unique experience of Equine Therapy within the herd of mares & foals.


Contact details Linda Sawrey

Mobile: 0400 739 330

Email reinchanger@hotmail.com 

Website: www.ricindaranch.com.au

4. Equine Therapy program facilitator Li

Linda with her beautiful horses 

Tracey has been counselling for many years. She began her counselling career as a volunteer telephone Counsellor at Lifeline. Then completed a Bachelor Degree in Counselling and Masters Degree in Gestalt Therapy. Tracey has been around horses most of her life and has a special interest in working with horses and groups.

Contact Tracey via her website: https://majcounsellingandtherapies.com.au

Tracey with her beautiful horse 

Fiona has been working in the greater community for over 35 years as an accredited trainer, community consultant, children’s author and art therapist. Her main focus has been women and children; assisting women to be the best version of themselves and teaching children about kindness, empathy and resilience. 

Contact Fiona via her website: https://fionaware.com.au/ 


Fiona Ware - Art Therapist, Educator, Author 

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Jamie is a survivor, an author, an artist and a carer of young people with trauma & mental illness from Domestic Abuse. Jamie is an Advocate & Mentor for Child & Youth Mental Health, Trauma Informed Practice & Domestic Abuse Prevention and provides Carer Peer Support to Mums whose young people have trauma & mental health issues. Also Jamie facilitates programs for Children’s Social & Emotional well-being & Adolescent Respectful Relationships + Domestic Abuse Prevention Currently Jamie is co-developing a program aimed at Post Traumatic Growth & Parenting for women after Domestic Abuse. 

Jamie - Author, Survivor, Artist, Advocate