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Broken to Brilliant began addressing the significant gaps in services to support the long-term recovery of domestic violence survivors when we started writing our first book in 2014, which was released and published when we launched our Charity in 2016.

Our personal experience, government reports from other survivors and the research literature all identified that many programs focus on victims who are living within, escaping from and are staying safe while breaking free of the cycle of violence, which is critically needed. Though, few services address the long-term effects and impacts of domestic violence overall or are geared to addressing a survivor’s need to develop a new chapter in their life. 

The Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence 2016 found that the “current responses to family violence do not sufficiently emphasise recovery and restoration and may even impede it. The ultimate objective of the family violence system must be that victims, including children, can recover and thrive at their own pace” (pp 29).

A clock with two hands pointing to the words - Time to Rebuild.
Image by Mark König

Broken to Brilliant aims to support the long-term recovery of survivors of domestic violence by providing programs, services, education and information that help domestic violence survivors beyond the initial crisis and breaking free from the abuse cycle. 
As domestic violence survivors, we know that recovery is not a straightforward linear process. It is a long and arduous journey. Every aspect of a domestic violence survivor’s life is altered in the aftermath of abuse. 

There is a need for programs, services and information that help domestic violence survivors beyond the initial getting to safety and breaking free from this cycle of abuse. Research indicates that most survivors would benefit from negotiating the rebuilding experience with support from other survivors.  Few services operate using the 'lived experience' survivor mentor model. 

Broken to Brilliant focuses our efforts on helping domestic violence survivors with the rebuilding and recovery, using personal experiences and stories to outline the journey that lies ahead. Our programs use a trauma-informed, strengths-based, empowerment model to increase survivor’s self-confidence, allowing them to make choices, increasing their self-esteem and coping strategies. Programs are led by domestic violence survivors and aim to build a survivor’s capacity and their emotional, physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and problem-solving strategies and resilience. 

As survivors, we use a ‘Pay it forward model’ mentoring our fellow survivors to navigate the road to recovery helping to create a new chapter in their life. 

Our programs include:

  • 12 month share your story program

     see the books - Broken to Brilliant, Terror to Triumph and Shattered to Shining 

To find out more about the programs and when they are happing check out the events page and follow the Broken to Brilliant Facebook page.

A meme showing an image of the Broken to Brilliant Gratitude walkers' feet in a circle and the words "You are not alone".
Showing four stages of Domestic Violence from Abuse to Rebuilding
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