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Broken to Brilliant Breaking free to be you after domestic violence, Stories of Strength and Success - an award-winning book 

A group of courageous domestic violence survivors supported Domestic Violence Prevention month by releasing their heartfelt stories on how to rebuild life after adversity in the book titled:  ‘Broken to Brilliant, free to be you after domestic violence, stories of strength and success. Strathpine Library hosted the book launch on Thursday 26th May 2016, at 6.30pm.

The contributors for legal reasons are anonymous, yet courageous local, interstate and international women, who are mothers, accountants, nurses, managers, models, executive managers, sales trainers and account executives, each at a different stage in re-establishment and recovery

“That would never happen to me. I’m too strong. I would walk out”. Those were KC Andrews’ thoughts as a trainee nurse listening to a lecture on domestic violence. But when it happened to her, it took years to finally leave. 

She has now rebuilt her life from the ashes of a brutal marriage, and along the way met other women who have survived the fog of fear and feelings of worthlessness – and then on the outside, endured the disbelief and bureaucratic bungles of those who should have helped. 

But now, each woman’s brilliance is emerging once again.

Each one tells her unique story to help readers understand the many different shapes domestic violence can take. And yet the focus of this book is not on the horror, but the healing. Each woman shares the skills, techniques and attitudes that helped her to shine once again.

This book is for anyone who is living in an abusive relationship, knows someone who is, or has emerged and is looking for a roadmap out of darkness into the light of new beginnings.

Broken to Brilliant Book cover with two international award medals.

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This book won the 2017 Bronze Medal for the self-help category in the international eLit Awards for digital publishing

Award Seal from Author Elite First Prize Winner.

Broken to Brilliant, has beaten nine other international competitors to win the advice category in the 2020 Author Elite Awards for their book, written by abuse survivors.

Author Elite First Prize Winner Glass Trophy in the shape of a flame.

Read our Blog about the award, written by an author from one of the series of our books on Strength and Success after abuse. 

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