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Stories of Strength and Success. 

I was so busy keeping him happy I didn’t notice how long it had been since I’d
seen my friends. I seemed to apologise for everything. I was constantly tense,
holding my breat
h, trying to predict his mood. Slowly my world became smaller,
darker and lonelier.’

Coercive Control is an insidious fog. The rst ‘red ags’ are so small you don’t notice them: a simple remark about how to do something ‘the right way’ or a suggestion about how you should dress. He cares about where you are and who you are with. Eventually, he is making all the decisions and controlling the nances so you ‘don’t have to worry’ and because he knows what’s best. The subtle chains of coercion and abuse have robbed you of your confidence, your family and friends, your nances, and even the ability to think you can make decisions on your own. You are trapped.

We all want the perfect relationship, but for the courageous authors in Coerced to Courageous, their soulmate was more like checkmate.

These brave, resilient, brilliant women have penned not only their ght to bring themselves
and their children happiness and peace, but also shared what they have learnt along the way, especially the tools that helped them rebuild their lives after abuse. They want to encourage and empower you to break the chains of coercive control and create the life you deserve.

Coerced to Courageous book cover. In shades of blue with a woman breaking free from the chains of coercie control.

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All proceeds from sales of this book go to the Broken to Brilliant Charity 

The launch

Thank you to all of the amazing guests who helped to celebrate the launch of Coerced to Courageous stories of strength and success at our book launch Sunday 19th March 2023

Your attendance supported the brave, resilient and brilliant authors who have been raw and vulnerable, their voices are now heard as they have shared their experience of coercive control. The courageous authors have not only penned their years of coercive control and abuse, but they have written about what they have learnt and the tools that worked for them, that they found helpful to rebuild their lives after abuse.


They have shared the steps that helped them create a new chapter in their life – one of success, achievement, and happiness.


This was an inspirational event to celebrate each author's achievement and generosity of giving to others - 'paying it forward'.


Loretta Ryan, Breakfast co-host, ABC Radio Brisbane was a fabulous MC for the launch.


We enjoyed the event at Eagles Point a rooftop bar at The Point Brisbane Hotel, 21 Lambert Street Kangaroo Point, QLD. It is a stunning indoor and outdoor venue with views of Brisbane City and Brisbane River.

A huge thanks to the CM and JA Whitehouse Foundation for providing a grant for our author program. 

Order a copy of the book Coerced to Courageous 

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