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Shattered to Shining  Journeys of  Surviving and Thriving After Domestic Violence, Stories of Strength and Success. 

It began with fluttering excitement, joy and a world full of possibilities. There was a slow chiselling away of me. I felt disbelief and foggy confusion, before the ugly reality of abuse dawned on me.’ 

How do you live through the shattering effects of domestic violence and abuse inflicted by a person you loved, trusted and vowed to spend the rest of your life with? How do you rebuild your life to again be able to value every sunrise and every rainbow, to brightly shine again? 

In Shattered to Shining, nine women and one male domestic violence survivor describe how they were shattered, as their home became a place where physical and sexual violence, emotional and psychological control dominated their lives. Through persistence and courage, they have risen above their situation and come out the other side shining with positivity, strength, commitment and empathy for others. 

The journey of surviving and thriving is chaotic, emotional, and unique to each person. Each chapter is filled with the shortcuts and tools needed to travel this road of recovery to stand in your new life, with your future brightly shining.

Shattered to Shining book cover. Shades of purple.

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All proceeds from sales of this book go to the Broken to Brilliant Charity 

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