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Practically every aspect of a domestic violence survivor’s life is altered in the aftermath of domestic violence. From our own lived experience and from the research conducted into recovery beyond abuse, developing support systems and mobilising resources are central to a survivors’ resilience and ultimately to their recovery from domestic violence.


The Broken to Brilliant Survivor to Thriver model considers survivors experts by experience, recognising the strengths that domestic violence survivors with lived experience bring with them.


Peer mentors from the lived experience promote hope and belief in the possibility of recovery, empowerment and increased self-esteem, self-management of difficulties and increased social networks.


Peer mentoring is support provided by people with similar life experiences as they move through difficult situations. Broken to Brilliant mentoring program focuses on ‘Thrivership’ which refers to the progression of ‘victim’, ‘survivor and ‘thriver’ following domestic violence and abuse to truly overcoming the trauma of abuse. Healing from abuse is not prescriptive; rather it is a non-linear process with a variable timescale, and it involves an element of helping others.


The Survivor to Thriver Mentoring Program aims to facilitate the long-term transition for survivors going through post abuse to help them thrive and be healthy and happy in their post abuse life. The mentoring program aligns with Broken to Brilliant’s overall strategy, mission, core values and existing programs including the books and online training workshops.


All mentors are Broken to Brilliant members, domestic violence survivors and have been a co-author in one of the Broken to Brilliant books.



Mentees are domestic survivors who have transitioned through the acute phase of abuse and they are rebuilding their lives, they are in the post abuse phase approximately 12months at minimum after leaving the abusive relationship.


The program in 2020 was supported by Rotary Clubs which helped to print the copies of the survivor designed journals.

Comments from mentor program 

Mentee in 2020 program 

“It is wonderful to be part of a community where we have support and guidance from people who have lived experiences. They can then empathise and offer tools that have helped people before us. I am looking forward to learning and growing through this experience”.

Mentee in 2020 program 

This program is so empowering. It is providing me with tangible tools and resources to give me the opportunity to grow, learn and rebuild my life. It is so reassuring that I am able to do this in a safe environment with people who have walked this path before me, sadly. Together and with support I am sure I can rebuild and grow and achieve my Goals.

 Thank you 🙏

Mentor in 2020 Program 

I’m so grateful to receive the Mentoring book as it will not only help within the Broken to Brilliant Mentoring Program.  It will give me knowledge and skills that I will be able to transfer into other areas of my life to support clients to make their desired changes.

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