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Blessed, thankful, grateful

This is my blog, my journey to turn my little squeak into a roar.

Silenced through fear, for far too many years, It was not Okay!

I write this amidst great emotion. If my current walls talked, they would tell you he still makes me cry.

I acknowledge those tearful reactions, for they are real, significantly impacting my present day. They serve to add even more layers onto the many years of abuse I already experienced.

The common misconception is that when you bravely and courageously walk out that closed door, the abuse stops.

Factually, this is not the case.

Beautifully, we are no longer trapped.

The hurt continues but there are magical pockets of freedom to explore. We can utilise one of those pockets. Click our heels together 3 times, then acknowledge and name 3 positives that unfold in our lives. This is the beautiful acknowledgment of 3.

Straight from the heart, where all good things start, delivered with kindness, delivered with love.

I am Blessed, I am Thankful, I am Grateful.

I am blessed

I am blessed: I had such a kind nurturing mother, who instilled valuable virtues of kindness, patience and faith into my heart. This held me strong through many years of diverse domestic abuse. She was heart-and-soul driven, with a strong personal faith.

“Everything’s going to be ok. Have faith. Take a deep breath. You’ve got this.”

I am thankful

I am thankful: for my innate gift of personal reflection, something I draw upon regularly.

In harsh times, I reflect on what went wrong and what I need to do to get past it. On what I have learned. On the knowledge of what I can give back.

Marrying one who holds an unkind heart, abuses the family he is supposed to love, shows no empathy, respect or remorse, is very tough. It was a constant battle, drawing upon my every strength, taking with it all my confidence, and leaving just a shell of who I used to be.

It is hard to be outrightly thankful for that. With reflection, though, I can acknowledge that through my extensive lived and learned experience I can positively help others on their journeys.

In helping me find my own voice, this blog hopefully becomes an avenue for me to help others.

I am grateful

I am grateful: for all the people that come into my life; the things I experience and do; the way that I and my children are; a great many things.

My grateful list has organically grown long since leaving. I have always been a big believer in acknowledging the little things in life, for simply becoming, belonging and being. For they are truly the big things.

I continually look to the sky, blessed and grateful, simply saying, “Thank you for ____

I’m so very grateful.” Writing letters and cards of gratitude to people also fosters more smiles, kindness and love in this world.

Today, I am grateful for you reading this and sharing in my NEW life journey. Enjoy. I am blessed to have you here. Thank you. xx

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