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Gratitude to Broken to Brilliant Volunteers

Broken to Brilliant: A Testament to Volunteer Dedication

Broken to Brilliant is a volunteer-led charity that is deeply committed to aiding domestic violence survivors as they heal, recover, and rebuild their lives. As I sit down to write the acquittal for the Christmas party grant, I find myself reflecting on the profound impact of our annual celebration and recognizing that Broken to Brilliant simply could not function without the unwavering dedication of our incredible team of volunteers.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Volunteers

Broken to Brilliant Volunteers

We extend our deepest gratitude to the exceptional volunteers who made 2023 an extraordinary year for Broken to Brilliant. With over 70 dedicated volunteers tirelessly contributing to our mission, we are immensely grateful for their unwavering commitment. Our heartfelt Christmas party, held on the 10th of December 2023 at Hamilton Hall, served as an expression of appreciation for their invaluable contributions.

These volunteers are the backbone of our Charity, their dedication spans diverse roles, overseeing two Ops Shops in Geebung and Brisbane, leading survivor recovery programs, fundraising through events, including growing plants and plant sales, crafting parliamentary submissions, maintaining our shops, serving as speakers and advocates, networking, auditing, secretariat and governance, bookkeeping, administration, program evaluation, statistical analysis, survivor support, social media marketing, website maintenance, grant writing, Patron duties and capturing memories as photographers and much more.


Acknowledging Our Funding Support

The success of our Christmas party celebrations was made possible through the generous support of the Lord Mayor’s Community Fund. We sincerely thank the Brisbane City Council for their funding, which enabled Broken to Brilliant to acknowledge and celebrate the invaluable work our volunteers contribute to the community.


The Importance of Hosting a Volunteer Christmas Party

 Hosting a Volunteer Christmas party is essential as it provides an opportunity to recognise our volunteers' efforts and make them feel valued. As I reflected on the outcomes of the Christmas party while writing the grant acquittal, I identified several significant benefits, including:

Facilitating Cross-Team Collaboration:

Broken to Brilliant Volunteers

Our volunteers often work on discrete projects in different locations throughout the year, which can limit their interactions within the charity. The Christmas party provided a unique opportunity for volunteers from diverse projects, locations, and roles to connect. It also allowed our Patrons, Bob Atkinson and Bruce Sullivan, to meet and connect with the volunteers, fostering a stronger sense of unity and shared purpose.


Highlighting the Value of Time, Skills, and Dedication:

Broken to Brilliant Volunteers with Minister Grace Grace

The Christmas party served as a powerful reminder of the immense time, skills, dedication, and effort required to run Broken to Brilliant effectively. It showcased the collective efforts of our volunteers, emphasising the importance of each individual's contribution and the collaborative volunteering spirit that drives our success.


Promoting Understanding and Appreciation:

Broken to Brilliant HEART Volunteers

By providing an opportunity for volunteers to share their experiences and learn about each other's contributions, the Christmas party promoted a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse roles and projects within the charity. This increased awareness fostered a stronger sense of community and unity among volunteers, encouraging them to collaborate more effectively towards achieving our mission.


Inspiring Continued Support and Involvement:

Broken to Brilliant Financial Superwomen Volunteers

The event highlighted the positive impact of volunteer work and the transformative journey for survivors moving from Broken to Brilliant. By showcasing the collective achievements and the tangible difference made in the lives of domestic violence survivors, the Christmas party inspired continued support and involvement from volunteers and Patrons.


Broken to Brilliant Parliamentary Enquiry Volunteers

The Christmas party was more than just a celebration of our volunteers' efforts; it was a valuable learning experience that highlighted the value of each individual's contribution and inspired continued commitment and support for Broken to Brilliant's mission.

The Christmas party also gave the Directors a unique opportunity to give back to the volunteers by setting up and serving during the celebration. This hands-on involvement allowed the Directors to personally express their gratitude and appreciation to the volunteers, creating a memorable and meaningful experience for everyone involved.


 Exciting News: Broken to Brilliant Financial Superwomen Program Nominated for Queensland Volunteering Impact Award

Founder Financial Superwomen

We are thrilled to announce that our Financial Superwomen program, which boasts around 15 volunteers per session, has been nominated for the Queensland Volunteering Impact Award. Since its inception in late 2020, this program has supported over 280 domestic violence survivors in moving towards financial security and stability. Every volunteer deserves recognition, and we eagerly await the announcement of the Volunteering Awards, wishing the Financial Superwomen program the best of luck.


Did You Know?

Volunteers generously give their time, effort, and skills to improve society. The contribution of over three million Queensland volunteers (75% of adults) has provided unparalleled assistance to people and causes across our beautiful state.(Volunteering QLD)


As 2024 flies by, we look forward to continuing to effect positive change and empower survivors on their transformative journey from Broken to Brilliant.

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