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The Busyness of Life

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

This month I have been working, studying, and running my own business. My business has become so busy I am almost ready to leave the security of my job and work fulltime in my own business – scary and exciting!!

Then add to that I am perimenopausal, with sleep problems and a roller-coaster of emotions.

‘Downtime’ was catching up on emails and replying to text messages.

‘Overwhelmed’ didn’t begin to describe how I was feeling.


I love meditation, but at this time in my life it’s just not working for me. Every time I go to meditate, I fall asleep!

Even over the Zoom demonstration – asleep. I can sit upright, and still fall asleep.

What did work was the visualisation of a peaceful place.

My place was the ocean, with the sun rising and reflecting over the water. This gave me such a soothing feeling.

At night when my mind was racing and my nervous system wired for action, I would visualise this scene. My body and mind would begin to relax, and I could fall asleep.

Heartfelt desire

We were asked to tune into a felt sense of what our heart truly desires.

For me it was wellness.

Wellness in every sense of the word: mental, physical, spiritual, and relational – for myself and my loved ones.

I was surprised how strong the sense was. I could feel it in my heart and radiating out.

I found this so valuable.

Whenever I started to worry about leaving my other job or how unhealthy my eating is now, and the thousand other things I was worrying about… I took my mind back to my heart and the idea of wellness.

Yoga stretches

Over Zoom we did some yoga stretches too.

I feel like I’m the only person on the planet who doesn’t like yoga. Yet the stretching was fine – it felt good.

Sitting here remembering how easy stretching can be and how good it felt, I have stretched my neck and shoulders.

Emotional Freedom Technique tapping

We were given some great supportive tools in case big emotions surfaced. We were encouraged to be curious and kind to our process.

One of the tools was EFT tapping. I did a course in EFT tapping back in 2005. I loved it and have used it many times over the years. I remember feeling anxious doing an assignment – I did a few rounds of EFT and the charge was gone. Another time I was comfort eating – I did a few rounds of EFT when I had an overwhelming feeling to stuff my emotions down with food, and the charge was gone.

Being on the emotional rollercoaster of perimenopause, EFT has been invaluable. I have been tapping in the shower, in my car, and whenever there is a charge or lack of charge.

This month has been reminder to self-care.

We can be so busy with the tasks of life that we forget to maintain a relationship with ourselves.

Simple stretches while sitting in front of a computer, visualisation when I can’t slow down, and most importantly kindness towards myself are helping me transition into my best life.

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Thank you to:

Andrea Bolding for supporting survivors with iRest Yoga

Teresa, In Soul Yoga for supporting survivors with Yin Yoga

Harshi from Hum Healing for supporting survivors with with medicine drumming

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