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Give a little

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

I’m embarrassed to admit that if someone asks for help, I immediately tense up and feel an unnatural pressure to be there for them. I strangely stress about pledging my time and energy to a cause.

But I didn’t always feel this way.

I wanted to make a difference and enlisted to help at all sorts of community events. Until I was sabotaged. Letting others down, I drew on a list of backup excuses when my ex decided that my volunteering plans didn’t suit him.

Forced into a position where I was unable to help others reinforced his cruel message that I was selfish and only ever thought about myself. A young family and full-time work added more complexities.

In the end, it was easier to leave it to others.

An opportunity for mutual gain

The Blogging GEMS challenge gave me fresh perspective. Knowing that volunteering improves self-esteem, confidence and life satisfaction, I set about finding ways to aid others.

Busily working and juggling young kids in the midst of a global pandemic created significant roadblocks to serving others! Helping can be hard.

But with a little thought, I realised that finding it difficult to formally offer my time didn’t render me unhelpful or selfish.

I discovered that for me, volunteering is less structured. It’s more about unplanned opportunities to support others with my time, experience and love.

Giving a sense of self-worth

My job is a helping profession with a focus is on others. I frequently give time outside of work hours to those who need it, and provide their families extra support and guidance.

Giving someone a break

I return stray shopping trollies in carparks. I swipe to cover the next customer’s petrol on payday. I bring the neighbour’s bins in and cook to share with others. I order coffee for colleagues and give away my lunch when someone forgets theirs.

Giving others a hand

I regularly donate funding, goods and support to charities. I cheer on participants at local sports events and motivate others to push on.

Giving hope

I offer wisdom and support to fellow survivors in my role as a mentor, reminding them that they are not alone. On their dark days, I reassure that there will be moments for success in their future.

I do what can, when I can

Informal volunteering is more my style, my natural go to. An inbuilt, natural act of kindness. Giving energy and experience to others in small ways is my form of volunteering.

Little efforts let others know that they matter. I remind myself that giving from an empty vessel is useless. We have hands to help both ourselves and others and in our busy lives, we all benefit from this positivity.

Volunteering in any capacity creates warmth, connection and joy. There is no pressure or stress in valuing others. Lovingly giving to others is not hard or selfish.

Small acts of service leave big impressions.


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