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The Fugitive Foursome

So today I am a real Super BADASS Mum!

I am not however an incarcerated wife (insert happy dance here).

Yes, it’s true. I happily gallivant around, openly, not just in the wee hours of the morning, not just alone. My children gallivant with me, the Fugitive Foursome.

Photo by Roy Reyna from Pexels

We are on the run, moving fast and feeling that surge of powerful adrenaline. Our serotonin levels are soaring to healthier heights and our bodies – they are smiling inside and out.

I know there are still many mountains to climb and that sometimes the foothills can trip you up, but I just keep on climbing.

The freedom of fun

This month, I challenged myself to do ‘active’ differently with my children, to slow down and not run at such a heavy pace. Free flowing and fun.

Fun sport was our quest: Saturday night disco bowling, foot golf, basketball shooting tournaments at various parks, taking turns making a challenging obstacle course, glow mini golf and more.

he activities were fun, we laughed, had so much fun, our serotonin soared as we actively engaged in making magic family memories.

Run, don’t look back. Be a Badass Mum. Gallivant openly.

Be free, take flight and soar. Laugh, love, live and truly smile, inside and out.


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