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Financial Superwomen

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Financial Superwomen is a FREE Workshop for female domestic violence survivors looking for financial knowledge.

Knowledge is the key to creating financial security and freedom.

Karen Lindsay developed this Free workshop to empower women at the beginning of their journey to becoming Financial Superwomen.

To educate participants on banking, budgeting, renting, how to prepare to buy a home and more. Basically, information on all things MONEY and Finances.

Many people do not understand money or finances and can therefore find it scary and something they do not want to deal with. We are here to make money management easy and support you with getting back on your feet. Giving domestic violence survivors the strength and support to break the cycle.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Attend our Financial Superwoman workshop

  2. Ask as many questions as you need & chose a mentor

  3. Get back on your feet quicker

  4. Start to enjoy financial security and stability.

The workshop will cover things such as:

  1. Banking

  2. Budgeting

  3. Financial Counselling

  4. Renting a home

  5. Buying a home

  6. Starting a Business

  7. Broken to Brilliant

Our experts will share their knowledge within small groups, so asking questions and getting personal attention is easy. The information will be easy to understand. There will also be an opportunity for participants to receive one on one attention specific to their situation if requested for the weeks following this event.

These workshops are only run 6 times a year at different secure locations in and around Southeast Queensland & one in Melbourne

  • 4th February Corinda - Funded by Brookfield Rotary

  • 3rd March Melbourne Victoria

  • 25th March Varsity Lakes

  • 17th June Brisbane

  • 22nd July Brisbane

  • 7th October Northlakes

  • 4th November Beenleigh

To attend these workshops, you will need to register. After registration, the full address details will be provided to you.

A light lunch and refreshments are provided.

For further information or to participate please contact us at:



Domestic Abuse Survivors moving from Broken to Brilliant by becoming Financial Superwomen’

This is what other attendees have said:

  • The group changed my life and confidence for the better. Please keep supporting this wonderful workshop of women volunteers.

  • Super grateful to have found this at this time. Thank you, ladies, referred from Broken to Brilliant.

  • OH my - eye-opening, this is unlike anything available. I am so blessed and have a way forward.

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