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Coercive Control survivors take back their power and share how they did it, in a powerful new book.

A powerful book describing how women have taken back their power after Coercive Control and Domestic Abuse is being launched in Brisbane on Sunday 19th March 2023.

The book shares how the first ‘red flags’ of Coercive Control are so subtle you barely notice them. Eventually, he has driven away your friends and family, is making all the decisions and controlling the finances, and you are trapped.

These brave, resilient, brilliant women share the tools that helped them escape and rebuild their lives.

The book is the brainchild of local charity Broken to Brilliant, which aims to create a community of connection, support and mentorship amongst Australian domestic violence survivors.

Charity founder and survivor Kate Smith said. “The book provides hope to people at every step of their journey.

“The importance of giving survivors a voice cannot be overstated, especially when so many people have been shamed and silenced through coercive control and abuse over many years”, Ms Smith said.

Coerced to Courageous documents stories from ten female survivors all of whom have experienced long term patterns of physical, emotional, psychological, sexual and/or financial control.

Writing about your story can change your life as these Queensland authors from Coerced to Courageous said:

  • **Sally said, “through violence, my mind, body and spirit were fragmented, shattered, smashed into pieces. Through writing, I was re-formed, re-assembled and re-shaped. I became whole. I have found my voice and found my escape from violence. The trauma held deep within my body and my mind has now become externalised, it is now living outside of me, in this book! It's a transformation. Magic.”

  • **Ms Khloe said “By participating in the Broken to Brilliant author program, I have healed and forgiven myself. I walk tall and believe in myself again. I am the master of my future again and I am the author of it.”

  • **Ms Kacie said, “I feel empowered being on this journey with the other authors and the ‘Broken to Brilliant” team. My life has changed as I have been able to navigate through pain of the past, taking new steps into the unknown and blazing toward the many future opportunities”.

Ex-Police Commissioner and Broken to Brilliant Patron Bob Atkinson said, “Coercive control can and often does include actual intimidation, threatening physical violence but doesn’t have to be physically violent and the perpetrators of it were sheltered from exposure and accountability.

Coercive control is now being exposed in all its dark forms and the work of Broken to Brilliant, including this latest publication, is an important step in that journey”, he said.

Travis Luk, Special Counsel, Clyde and Co said, “Each story provides such an honest and inspiring account of each woman’s journey dealing with coercive control, and their courageous steps towards empowerment.

It is a resource that will most definitely provide comfort and hope to those who need it, as well as awareness of the real crisis that coercive control presents for so many of those around us” he said.

The Coerced to Courageous book launch will be held on Sunday the 19th of March, at Eagles Rest Bar, The Point Hotel, 21 Lambert Street, Kangaroo Point at 11:45-2:30 pm.

The book was made possible through a grant from the Whitehouse Foundation.

Books are available in print and eBook from the charity or your favourite online bookstall

Broken to Brilliant will donate copies of Coerced to Courageous to domestic violence refuges to provide hope, courage, inspiration and direction to survivors of coercive control and domestic abuse.


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