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Empowering Domestic Violence Survivors to Navigate the Legal System: Introducing Legal Laureates

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In the post-separation phase of domestic violence, the legal system can be a daunting and long journey. Recognising this challenge, Broken to Brilliant is proud to introduce our newest initiative: Legal Laureates. This new program is designed to empower domestic violence survivors by providing them with essential legal knowledge to help navigate the legal system.


Understanding Legal Laureates

Participants learning about the legal system at Legal Laureates

Legal Laureates is more than just a general legal information session—it provides practical, relevant and targeted information and tips for survivors to gain clarity and confidence in dealing with legal matters related to domestic violence and separation. Our program brings together key experts in the field to offer insights and guidance on various aspects of the legal system that survivors may encounter.


What Legal Laureates Offers

Through Legal Laureates, survivors have the opportunity to delve into crucial topics such as:

Domestic Violence Legal Procedures: Understanding the legal processes surrounding domestic violence is essential for survivors seeking protection and safety.

Domestic Violence Order: Navigating the complexities of Intervention Orders can be overwhelming. Especially when they are called different things in each state or territory of Australia. In Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory they are called Domestic Violence Order (DVO) and in New South Wales they are called Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (AVOs). Legal Laureates provides clarity on how to obtain and enforce these orders effectively.

Family Law and Property Law

Bayside Community Legal Servcie presenting at Legal Laureates

Divorce, parenting, child custody, and property division are often significant concerns for survivors with critical long-term impacts. Our experts offer guidance on navigating these legal areas.

Police Legal Responsibilities: Survivors may have questions about the role of police in domestic violence cases and the range of services. Legal Laureates sheds light on police responsibilities, services, support and options provided, and how survivors can engage with police effectively.

Legal Lived Experiences: Learning from the experiences of others can be invaluable. Legal Laureates features survivors’ practical and informative tips for tackling the legal system to assist, guide and empower survivors on their legal journey.


Beyond Legal Education

Broken to Brilliant speaker presenting at Legal Laureates

At Legal Laureates sessions, we go beyond providing information. We create a supportive environment where survivors can ask questions and connect with others who understand their journey. Additionally, we understand the challenges survivors face in attending such sessions, which is why we offer a light lunch, and at some sessions, we can offer childminding, please double-check.

Gratitude to Our Funding Sources and Speakers

The experts that presented at Legal Laureates

Broken to Brilliant extends heartfelt gratitude to our funding sources, the Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre and the Universal Charitable Fund, and to our knowledgeable and approachable expert speakers and organisations who generously shared information, and perspectives and provided support.

Without their generous support, initiatives like Legal Laureates would not be possible. Their commitment to supporting survivors of domestic violence is invaluable and deeply appreciated.

Success Stories from Our First Session

Our first Legal Laureates session at the Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre was a resounding success. Feedback from participants revealed that 78% found the session extremely to very useful—a testament to the program's effectiveness.


Participants shared their thoughts on the session:

  • "The topics were absolutely helpful."

  • "Important information people should know about."

  • "Information was clear and informative."

  • "The Police officer was sensational."

  • “Thank you so much, I have learned so much. Really practical”

  • “It answered all my questions and gave me information on areas I was not aware of yet”.


These positive testimonials underscore the impact of Legal Laureates in providing survivors with the knowledge and empowerment they need to navigate the legal system effectively.


How to Get Involved

Broken to Brilliant speaker presenting at Legal Laureates

If you're a domestic violence survivor seeking to enhance your understanding of the legal system, we invite you to join us at our upcoming Legal Laureates sessions. Check our website for event dates and locations and be sure to book your spot early. Together, we can empower survivors to reclaim their lives and navigate the path to justice and healing.

Navigating a complex legal system

Legal Laureates is more than just an information session—it's a lifeline for survivors seeking to understand and navigate the legal complexities of domestic violence and post-separation. Through this program, we aim to equip survivors with the knowledge, support, and resources they need to reclaim their autonomy and rebuild their lives free from violence. Join us in this empowering journey towards justice and healing.



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