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Our Open Day and RESTORE Experience

Updated: Apr 30

Broken to Brillaint RESTORE Facilitators Lee and Tracey

It was a bright, sunny Tuesday in October and the Broken to Brilliant RESTORE facilitators were buzzing with excitement as they were getting ready for the Broken to Brilliant’s Open Day and RESTORE Experience.

A photo of RESTORE Lead Facilitator Tracey using a poo vac.

The previous day there had been a flurry of activity from washing and grooming the horses, raking the paddock, and even vacuuming up horse poo with the poo vac. Yes, you read it correctly. They have a vacuum that sucks up the horse poo. But wait there is more. The ladies then bag it up and sell it to support the equine therapy programs at Broken to Brilliant.

A beautiful day

A participant enjoying meeting Duke a quarter horse.

The weather was beautiful, and the Jacaranda trees were in full bloom. Duke a young, curious, quarter horse greeted everyone as they arrived at the Open Day held at the Tallebudgera Community Hall, cameras were flashing, and connections were being made already.

A photo of people listening about RESTORE sitting in a circle

Broken to Brilliant Director Kris made an Acknowledgement of Country. All the guests introduced themselves and the organisation they were representing. Karen, also a Broken to Brilliant Director shared about our Charity Mission and our other Programs such as Financial Superwomen.

Tracey and Lee explained about our new RESTORE Program being released in 2024. There was a focus on the significance of creating and building safety and how healthy horses and the RESTORE program can help us do this.

A photo of Kris smiling broadly patting a horse.

Interesting facts – how horses help our nervous system.

  • Oxytocin Connection: A small interaction with a horse can raise oxytocin levels in both humans and horses. Oxytocin is a social bonding, trusting hormone that can help regulate our emotions.

  • Electromagnetic Fields: The Heart Math Institute found that the electromagnetic field around a horse’s heart is five times greater than ours. Their hearts have an extremely low frequency and can directly influence our heart rhythm -

  • Polyvagal Theory: Most people have heard about fight/flight but what about safe and social (rest and digest) the Polyvagal Theory This is a somatic response - we don’t have to think about it, our body does it for us. Horses help to regulate our nervous system and our body begins to feel calmer. When we feel calmer, we can engage socially. We can listen better; we are more present and open to others.

  • The Power of the Paddock: Science tells us that simply being in a paddock with a horse is good for us.

Horses have so much to teach us and show us if we are willing to be present with them.

Therapeutic Combination

A photo of a lady enjoying bubble blowing

The RESTORE program cleverly combines bubble blowing, art therapy, and connections with the horses, each other, and ourselves as we bring women survivors together to move forward on their healing journey. Between survivors, there is an unspoken understanding that connects us.

A young lady patting a horse

Don’t forget the Fun!

The RESTORE Program is also FUN which is an essential ingredient in our healing journey!!!!

There was laughter, smiles and beautiful connections made. Even after we all left the paddock, the horses seemed to enjoy the day as much as the participants as they were still interacting. A testament to the profound impact of the day.

Join the RESTORE Program: Rebuild with Confidence and Support

The RESTORE Program is a specialised initiative designed to empower women survivors on their journey to healing. This program was carefully created, leveraging the remarkable bond between our beautiful horses, experienced counsellors, equine specialists, and the power and resilience of domestic violence survivors supporting each other.

Here are the program details:

Duration: The program spans 6 weeks, with each session lasting 3 hours.

When: Every Tuesday, starting from the 16th July and concluding on the 27th of August 2024

Cost: For just $25 per session, you can embark on this transformative journey.

Time: 11 am to 2 pm

Location: 611 Tallebudgera Creek Rd, Tallebudgera Valley

Join us in Rebuilding Empowerment Safely Through Relational Equine Therapy. To secure your spot, click the link below to book your place: Together, we'll take the first steps in the journey of recovering, healing, and rebuilding lives.

Book your spot in RESTORE or email Broken to Brilliant to find out more:

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Such an amazing experience

I’d love to join next year!

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