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Angels on Earth

After the twilight rooftop launch of Shattered to Shining, Journeys of surviving and thriving after domestic violence, our third book in the series of stories of strength and success, we held our inaugural author's reunion.

The authors from our books Broken to Brilliant Breaking free to be you after domestic violence , Terror to Triumph Rebuilding your life after domestic violence and Shattered to Shining, came together at a one-day workshop. The Broken to Brilliant authors have not met each other before, though for the authors of Terror to Triumph and Shattered to Shining they reconnected with their fellow authors as they shared tales from their live-in writing workshop where they first met. This reunion was the first time that authors from all three books have come together and met each other in person.

Each author had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the Broken to Brilliant family, we laughed, cried and were in awe at how far they had moved in creating a new chapter in their lives.

One author shared the following heart-warming words:

"I'm a proud mum, I'm a kind loving thoughtful person and an honest loyal friend and partner. I am also a victim of domestic violence and abuse and have suffered for years from anxiety and depression as a result of the abuse.

I am a survivor, an author and hope to be a mentor and a voice for other domestic violence victims. For years I had no voice, sharing my story gave me a voice. Sometimes too much of a voice, as I love a chat.

Sharing my story has set me free, made me feel worthy and helped me be a better me. It helped heal my heart and soul and restored my faith. It allowed me to meet some of the most amazing inspirational people that I now call friends.

With all my heart I thank the Broken to Brilliant team, which I refer to as angels on earth for allowing my voice to be heard. For the unconditional support that you have given, not only to me, but all the people affected by domestic violence and abuse.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

I am, we are strong, brave, resilient and flippin brilliant!

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