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Helping shattered domestic violence survivors to shine again

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Broken to Brilliant has helped ten domestic violence survivors to shine again after being shattered from abuse. Their stories recounting how they have rebuilt their lives were launched on Saturday 24th August 2019, at The Roof Top Terrace Wesley House, Brisbane.

In Shattered to Shining 9 women and 1 male domestic violence survivor describe how they were shattered, as their home became a place where physical, sexual, emotional and psychological control dominated their lives.

Through courage and persistence, they have risen above their situation and come out the other side shining with positivity, strength, commitment and empathy for others.

Each chapter in the book Shattered to Shining is filled with shortcuts and tools that domestic violence survivors can use to travel this road of recovery, so they too can stand shining in their new life and future.

Loretta Ryan once again is stepped forward to help the charity by donating her time to be the master of ceremonies.

Loretta said, “I have seen what Broken to Brilliant does, and once again, I wanted to personally help, meet and congratulate the authors and Charity Directors on their third life changing book project”.

Charity Founder, Kate Smith said, “There is a gap in the research and knowledge about the long-term recovery for domestic violence survivors”.

“These books allow survivors’ to share their story, which has healing benefits, but also to share how they rebuilt their lives to help their fellow survivors. Together these two steps of sharing and helping through story is a very powerful part of their recovery”.

Publishing Consultant, Belinda Pollard from, said, “Working with the authors to help bring their stories to life is an emotional experience. Sometimes we share anger, sadness and tears at how much they have gone through, to joy and happiness at how much they have achieved.”

"I am proud to have worked with each author and their story. They inspire me as they shine brightly after abuse," said Belinda.

The brave, resilient and brilliant authors found writing their story to be beneficial, they share their experience:

Author and domestic violence survivor, *Jenny said, “My journey through working with Broken to Brilliant has changed my life by giving me a strength and a peace I have never known”.

Author and domestic violence survivor, *’JoJo said, “Writing my story has helped me to heal and bring more joy into my life. As we bring more joy into our life, we raise our vibration... As we raise our vibration we connect with more like-minded people."

Author and domestic violence survivor *Craigg, “Recognition by others of your story as a man, is a major part of moving forward and becoming brilliant”

Author, domestic violence survivor *Jade said, “The experience was incredibly confronting, reliving the hardest years of my life to put it in writing, but the reward has been far greater than I could ever have imagined”.

Author and domestic violence survivor *Selena, said, “I’m grateful to contribute the gift of my story and by doing so, throw this vibrant, dynamic thread, a golden lifeline of hope”.

This third book has been published with funding from the Community Sector Banking, Australia’s specialist not-for-profit banking service.

Bruce Argyle, Head of Philanthropy, Community Sector Banking said; "The Community Banking Sector is proud to have been a partner in this production and know that it will be a wonderful resource and encouragement to so many dealing either directly or indirectly with domestic abuse situations. Well done to all involved!"

Broken to Brilliant LTD ™ is an Australian Not for Profit Charity where domestic violence survivors share stories of overcoming abuse and adversity to mentor other survivors to create a new chapter in their life.

Through the Give a Book Campaign, the Charity Broken to Brilliant donates copies of their three books to Domestic Violence Refuges to give hope, courage, inspiration and direction to domestic violence survivors.

You can support domestic violence survivors to rebuild their lives by giving a copy of the books to services that support domestic violence survivors, including women's refuges. Go to shop page and buy a Give a Book.

Thank you to Matt - our volunteer photographer

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