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Reduce Bullying and Reduce Intimate Partner Violence

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

In an effort to reduce domestic violence in our community the Australian Charity Broken to Brilliant has partnered with art therapist, children’s author, film maker and program facilitator Fiona Ware.

Fiona is the creative developer and publisher of the books Charming Charlie and the Spectacular Sophia and the wonderful programs for children and adults. Like Broken to Brilliant Fiona uses storytelling as a key method of change in her workshops to defeat bullying.

Research in Australian schools by Rigby and Johnson found that 15% of students reported being bullied, most commonly in verbal and covert ways. Disabled students reported being victimised more often than able-bodied students.

Research from Harvard School of Public Health found that men who ‘reported bullying their childhood peers in school were found to be significantly more likely to physically or sexually abuse their female partners as adults. Even when adjusting the data for childhood risk factors such as exposure to domestic violence, bullying was still the strongest predictor for perpetrating domestic violence’. The research concluded that programs to reduce bullying may help to reduce future violence.

Broken to Brilliant was introduced to Fiona through our mutual publishing consultant Belinda Pollard, Small Blue Dog Publishing. Since then we have been working together. Fiona supports Broken to Brilliant and our clients, using her experience and skills running workshops, education and training. We invite Fiona to be a key facilitator in our signature book writing program.

To formalise our ongoing work together Broken to Brilliant and Fiona Ware have signed a partnership agreement. The Partnership Agreement was developed by the global legal firm Clyde and Co who provide Pro Bono legal support for our Charity.

The agreement was signed at Silky Oak Espresso Ainsdale Street West Chermside. This location was fitting for the signing as we partner with Silky Oak whose mission is to train mentor and empower vulnerable members of the community. They are ‘so much more than a coffee shop’ with their care and support through Silky Oak Support Services

By joining forces with work such as Fiona’s book and programs, together we will begin to change the culture of bullying within our community and reduce intimate partner violence and promote kindness, care and respectful relationships.


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