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Updated: May 10, 2020

Helping domestic violence survivors to recalculate their lives

Helping domestic violence survivors to recalculate their lives the charity Broken to Brilliant and Karen Jacobsen, the original Australian Voice of Siri officially launched the 'Broken to Brilliant' audiobook on Friday 2nd March, 2018, 6pm at Ryan’s Private Dining Room, Treasury Heritage Hotel.

Originally from Mackay and now based in New York City, Karen Jacobsen, The GPS Girl® and the original Australian voice of Siri whose voice is in 400 million devices & smartphones, said; “It is never too late to recalculate. Even in life’s most challenging situations, there is the possibility of a new beginning”. This is a perfect message for domestic violence survivors when they hear her voice yet again. This time, Karen is the voice for the audiobook of the bronze-award winning book ‘Broken to Brilliant, breaking free to be you after domestic violence, stories of strength and success’. The Broken to Brilliant book guides survivors on how to recalculate their path after abuse with practical steps on how to overcome adversity.

Broken to Brilliant LTD ™ an Australian Not for Profit Charity that was established by domestic violence survivors to help fellow domestic violence survivors in their long term recovery. We work with people who have been affected by domestic violence rebuild their lives. Our work begins after they have been through the crisis and have safely left the abusive relationship. From our own personal experience, reports from other survivors and the research literature identified that many programs focus on women who are living within, escaping from and are staying safe while breaking free of the cycle of violence, which is needed. Though few domestic violence support services are geared to addressing women’s very specific need to develop a new chapter in their life stories.

Broken to Brilliant’s mission is domestic violence survivors mentoring fellow survivors to create a new chapter in their lives. Domestic violence survivors share their stories of how to rebuild life after leaving an abusive relationship. This is a ‘Pay it Forward’ model of ‘mutual rehabilitation’ by providing survivors with the opportunity to use their experiences in a positive way, that in turn goes some way towards validating their experiences, supports their healing and helps other survivors on their path to recovery[i].

Our first print and ebook book Broken to Brilliant Broken to Brilliant, breaking free to be you after domestic violence, stories of strength and success’ has sold over 800 printed books and 190 have been given to women in refuges, shelters and transition homes through the ‘Give-a-book’ campaign.

The feedback about the book has been very positive. A readers feedback survey reported 100% found it inspiring and 95% said it was helpful and provided strategies and growth to rebuild life after domestic violence. They would recommend that domestic violence survivors read the book and share their stories. The book has also been awarded a Bronze Medal in the self-help category in the international eLit Awards for digital publishing.

The Charity also has released an online training program ‘Steps to rebuild your life after domestic violence

This self-paced course which can be accessed for 24 hours per day, is free for the first 100 participants, who will also receive a copy of the Broken to Brilliant book and a budget book.

The online training course covers the foundations to rebuilding that new life chapter. The course content covers what you have forgotten to do for yourself or not been allowed to do while living in an abusive controlling relationship. Such as the importance of friends, having fun and getting focused on fitness, but also skills in feeding a family on a budget, managing your finances and being able to consider your future options. The online program has been funded by the Westpac Foundation

The course can be accessed from the Teachable Platform

Research states that most survivors would benefit from negotiating the rebuilding experience in the company of other survivors and from having examples from more experienced survivors of what can be achieved over time. The rebuilding steps in each chapter of the book and the online training provides clear examples and actions to take to rebuild one’s life. This work shows how the charity has translated research recommendations into real life assistance for survivors.

You can support Broken to Brilliant to reach domestic violence survivors by going to the website and buying a book to give a book for a women in a refuge or making a donation or supporting you local coffee shop in through the Funds for the Future Campaign by giving a tip when you buy your coffee, tips are donated to Broken to Brilliant and support the Give a Book program.

Watch our the video of photos here

[i] Evans L 2007 Battle-scars: Long-term effects of prior domestic violence Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, Monash University

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