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Empowering Financial Superwomen – a step closer to financial security and stability.

At Broken to Brilliant, our mission is - 'Domestic Violence Survivors mentoring fellow survivors to recover, heal and rebuild their lives'. A foundational step is to create Financial Superwomen and empower them to achieve financial security and stability. We believe that to embark on this empowering journey, one needs the right financial information and education.

Financial Superwomen Workshops

To help take the first steps towards financial security and stability, Karen Lindsay founded and created a financial education workshop that is designed specifically for female survivors of domestic violence who are seeking financial knowledge.

These workshops are entirely free of charge and are designed to educate participants on all things Money and Finance. We understand that many people find money and finances daunting and overwhelming, but these workshops are made available to change that.

A team of Financial Experts

The Financial Superwomen workshop aims to make money management easy and support survivors in getting back on their financial feet. Karen has assembled a team of experts who share their knowledge within small groups, ensuring that survivors can ask questions and receive personal attention. The information provided is straightforward and easy to understand.

The goal of the workshop is to increase attendees’ financial knowledge and empower them with the tools to take control of their financial future. Providing financial empowerment will give survivors the strength to break free from the cycle of abuse.

Moorooka Financial Superwomen Workshop

Today there was an atmosphere of anticipation at the Moorooka Community Hall as domestic violence survivors enjoyed a cuppa and a bickie as they chatted and waited for the Financial Superwomen workshop to begin. This workshop brought together a diverse group of women from across Brisbane eager to gain insights, knowledge, and inspiration to help them on their financial journey.

The hardworking volunteer Financial Professionals who generously donated their time, energy and skills to this empowering event covered a wide range of topics including:

Banking with Belinda

  • Belinda covered various banking options, account types, and tips for managing their finances efficiently.

Money Mastery (Budgeting) with Melissa

  • Melissa emphasised the importance of cultivating a positive money mindset, offering practical strategies and tools to help participants take control of their finances.

Navigating Financial Hardship with Financial Counsellor Elly

  • Elly provided guidance on dealing with financial challenges and seeking assistance when needed, offering a lifeline to those facing tough financial situations.

Renting a Home with Nathalie

  • Understanding the ins and outs of renting a home is crucial, and Nathalie offered insights into the rental process and tenant rights.

Buying a Home with Lindsey

  • For those looking to purchase a home, Lindsey provided valuable information on the home-buying process, mortgages, stamp duty and more.

Tax and Business with Tori & Gita

  • The complexities of taxes and running a business were demystified by Tori and Gita, taking away the fear and providing simple steps for those setting up a business.

Recover, heal and rebuild with Broken to Brilliant's Kate

  • Kate shared her inspirational journey and offered guidance on the Broken to Brilliant programs available for people to participate in such as HEART, RESTORE, Rise 2 Rebuild and DV-ART with a special focus on the online course called 'The Steps to Rebuild Your Life’.

Special Guests:

The workshop was further enriched by an array of special guests, each bringing their unique expertise for a one-on-one session including:

  • New Way Lawyers Dani & Laura

  • Debt Collector Sta

  • Career Coach Sharon

  • Insurance Broker Ally

  • Justice of Peace Fiona

  • Financial Planner Heather

  • Business Coach Angela

  • Centrelink System Expert Narelle

  • Ex Foster Mum & Health Advocate Melissa

  • Trauma Counsellor Debbie

These special guests added depth and diversity to the event, addressing various aspects of financial wellness and personal development in a one-on-one conversation.

In the community

The Moorooka Community Hall provided the perfect setting for this event, fostering a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Participants were treated to a delicious lunch consisting of wraps with tea and coffee available for participants to enjoy throughout the morning.


The success of this event was made possible thanks to the generous funding from Brookfield Rotary, demonstrating their commitment to breaking the cycle of domestic violence by empowering women on their financial journey.

Our vision

The support for survivors doesn’t stop there. For those who need additional guidance, there is the opportunity for one-on-one attention specific to their situation in the weeks following the event.

Our vision is to continue running these workshops in various areas around Brisbane and Karen has expanded the Financial Superwomen program to Melbourne. Together we want to reach as many women as possible and build a strong community of Financial Superwomen.

Participants shared the positive impact of this workshop

Here are some testimonials from past participants who have benefited from our workshops:

  • "This group changed my life and confidence for the better."

  • "Every conversation was illuminating. So much confidence and clarity gained. I have my next steps written down and prioritized – THANK YOU!"

  • "I learned so much within the first hour alone. I have received so much help, information, and support today. I feel confident and supported. I met some amazing and powerful women, and I feel so grateful to have been a part of this today."

  • "Broken to Brilliant were excellent."

  • "This is my second workshop. I was so supported and able to highlight areas that were of greatest concern…I walked away with a tangible working action to try for 30 days, thank you."

  • "Great detail. A comprehensive approach to the holistic economic areas impacting women. So valuable!!!"

  • "Oh, my – eye-opening – this is unlike anything available. I am so blessed and have a way forward now!!"

  • "Thank you, ladies, fantastic day, I love this village."

Create your secure and stable financial future.

These testimonials show the profound impact the Financial Superwomen workshops have had on the lives of survivors, helping them gain confidence, clarity, and a roadmap for a brighter financial future.

We invite you to join our community of Financial Superwomen on this empowering journey towards financial security and stability. Together, we can build dreams, break the cycle of domestic violence and create a brighter future.

To find out more or register for the next workshop please visit or contact Karen directly on email:


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