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ANZAC DAY - Light up the dawn from your driveway

On this sombre day - ANZAC DAY 2020 with COVID19 social distancing rules in place, we still remembered those who have served and sacrificed from our driveways, decks and balconies.

At dawn, Broken to Brilliant Directors, members and their neighbours, practising social distancing helped to remember this who had fallen by supporting the ANZAC DAY - light up the dawn service from our driveways.

From our homes across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, we made home made and home grown rosemary wreaths, we lit our candles or lanterns, spread out or raised our Australian flags and lined the street in our driveways.

We were proudly joined by two elderly veterans, in their 90's. We listened to the service from car radios, phones and a Google mini. We heard at least three last posts due to delayed transmission from the different devices, live guitar, trumpets and the Australian anthem - Advance Australia Fair.

Amazing to hear and a a very moving service


Lest we forget.

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