Self-care towards healing after Domestic Violence

When I learnt about self-care using the illustration of a fenced corral, I could only see a wide open space. The thought of fencing in my life initially was triggering of restrictions and being closed in.

As I started to work on my own self-care, I realised that I could see the corral as a place of safety to make my own decisions. I realised I would benefit from being more careful about who I allow in my corral. I would choose quality rather than quantity.


I found a free counsellor to have weekly phone calls through a local service.

I booked an appointment with my GP to get a full health check and followed through with the process of tests.

I went to a local park and walked around, absorbing the natural environment and looking for wildlife.


· Keep on top of any health concerns.

· Look at the beauty around you and breathe.

· Exercise to the best of your abilities.