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Rise and shine, it’s Pilates time

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Annie Paull’s love of Pilates and her desire to give back to the community is what motivates her to offer free ‘Pilates in the Park” sessions once a month for Broken to Brilliant.

Annie, a qualified personal trainer and Pilates instructor, was inspired to start running the sessions after a fellow instructor said to her: ‘What a big difference to the world it would be if all Pilates and yoga instructors would give one hour a month to the community for free.’

“I thought that was really nice and that’s what I wanted to do,” says Annie.

In addition to her own personal training business, Annie has been running ‘Pilates in the Park’ for almost three years.

Anyone can do it

Annie says Pilates is “beneficial for every person in the community and that shows in the type of

people that come.

“I get a lot of older people, young people and people with medical conditions because you don’t have

to run; you don’t have to do burpees.

“It’s very accessible to everyone and it’s something that can make any person’s quality of life better.”

Annie says Pilates involves very slow and gentle movements.

“Nothing too hard, as the movements can be adjusted to people's level of fitness, so that everyone can participate and it’s a positive thing for everyone to get involved.”

Falling in love with Pilates

Annie says she fell in love with Pilates when she started going to the gym after giving birth to her first child.

“Pilates was the one class I always looked forward to the most,” she says.

Annie says she has benefited personally in many ways from Pilates.

“The first time I went to a Pilates class, I came home and I was telling my husband about all the things we did and I kind of got all emotional that I could do all these things.

“It was kind of a real eye opener of what I could do and what my body could achieve after two kids and all the stuff it comes with.

“From there it was such a positive part of my life. I just love it. I think it’s a great form of exercise.”

Exercise helps trauma recovery

Broken to Brilliant founders, Kate Smith and Andrea Miller and Margaret King a Director, say they are grateful to Annie for donating her time and skill.

“’Pilates in the Park’ offers victims, survivors, family and friends a group to connect with and to join in a free form of physical activity in a safe and supportive environment,” says Andrea.

“Annie’s supporting us to have core strength, too!” Kate jokes.

The charity’s programs encourage domestic violence survivors to engage in a range of activities, including exercise to help recover from the trauma of abuse.

Come and have a go

Annie says the Pilates classes are open to anyone who wants to come along. She recommends wearing “something comfy” and to bring a yoga mat or a towel to lie on.

People with serious medical conditions may need the ok from their doctor beforehand, but “most are good to go,” she says.

‘Pilates in the Park’ sessions are held at 7am on the last Saturday of every month on the oval of Pine Rivers High School, nearest to All Folk Espresso Buckby Street Strathpine , Queensland.

“Come down and have a go because we’re a real welcoming group of people.”

Annie is a personal trainer and runs group fitness classes at Spectrum Gym Lawnton and Elements Pole and Arial Fitness

To find out more about Annie, follow her on Facebook - Annie Paul PT.

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