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Grace Grace, Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, Minister for Racing, and Minister for

On a Friday morning, Broken to Brilliant's Brisbane city op shop had the honour of hosting a special guest the Honourable Grace Grace, the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, Minister for Racing, and Minister for Multicultural Affairs. Her visit brought excitement to the store's volunteers and Directors.

A Vintage Treasure Catches Grace's Eye

Among the many wonderful items on display at the op shop, one particular vintage piece stood out to Grace - a dazzling 60s Glomesh silver mesh evening bag. These iconic Australian-made bags were synonymous with 1960s fashion, and Grace couldn't resist.

Glamour and Humor - Grace's Glomesh Bag

Amidst heartfelt conversations, there was room for some light-hearted humour. The team couldn't help but wonder where Grace might debut the fabulous Glomesh bag. All eyes will be on her social media for a glimpse of the Minister sporting this iconic accessory at an event.

Volunteers - the Dedicated Force Behind Broken to Brilliant

During her visit, Grace had the opportunity to meet some of the amazing Broken to Brilliant volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time, energy, and skills to the Charity. Kris is a Broken to Brilliant author and an active advocate for First Nations People, Carers, and Domestic Violence Survivors. Barbara, our dedicated Brisbane City Op Shop volunteer store manager. Grace also met Andrea, our Co-Founding Director, Broken to Brilliant author, and Program Leader, who manages both the Geebung and City Op Shops and wears many hats behind the scenes. Also, Kate, the Founding Director, Broken to Brilliant Author, and Program Lead, wears many hats behind the scenes. Last, in our photograph lineup, Grace had the pleasure of meeting Karen, the Founder of the Financial Superwomen and a Broken to Brilliant Director.

Heartwarming Conversations about Making a Difference

What made the visit truly special was the meaningful conversation Grace engaged in with the team at Broken to Brilliant. They shared their mission to support domestic violence survivors and witnessed Grace's genuine interest and support for their cause. Her uplifting words and encouragement meant a lot to everyone involved. Grace shared stories of her recent visits to various charities within the McConnel electorate.

Building Bridges with Local Members: The Financial Superwomen Program

The connection between Grace Grace and Broken to Brilliant was forged through the efforts of local members in her area who had heard about one of the organisation's programs - Financial Superwomen. This program plays a crucial role in supporting domestic violence survivors on their journey towards financial security and stability. It was through this communication and connection that Grace's visit to the op shop was made possible.

Financial Superwomen - Empowering Domestic Violence Survivors

The Financial Superwomen program is where female financial specialists such as accountants, mortgage brokers, financial planners, banking specialists, financial counsellors, rental agents, tax agents, and money coaches to name a few donate their time energy and skills to empowering domestic violence survivors. Through these specialised financial literacy workshops, support and access to resources, the workshops equip these brave women with the knowledge and skills needed to regain control of their financial situations.

The Impact of Community Support

The visit from Grace Grace is a testament to the power of community support and collaboration. When local Councilors learned about the Financial Superwomen program and its positive impact on domestic violence survivors, they took the initiative to connect the Minister with Broken to Brilliant. This act of community involvement highlights how small efforts can lead to significant opportunities for positive change.

A Message of Hope and Encouragement

Grace Grace's visit to our Brisbane City Op Shop not only brought attention to the Charity but also delivered a heartfelt message of hope and encouragement. For domestic violence survivors, knowing that prominent figures like the Minister are interested in the work the Charity does serves as a ray of hope during challenging times.

Your Support Matters

Grace Grace’s visit to the Broken to Brilliant's op shop in Brisbane, is a powerful reminder of the impact that can be achieved through community connections. The Financial Superwomen program is a powerful example of how targeted support can change lives and pave the way for domestic violence survivors to reclaim their independence.

You too can play a part in this transformative journey by supporting Broken to Brilliant's initiatives. Whether it's through shopping at their op shops, volunteering your time and expertise, attending their events or spreading awareness about their vital programs, every contribution counts.

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