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DV-ART - Domestic Violence - Amazing Resilient Thrivers

Updated: May 24, 2021

Today was the first session of the Domestic Violence Amazing Resilient Thrivers two-day art therapy


A beautiful welcoming space was created with cozy cushions, flowers, plants and lots of creative items for participants to use.

There were many activities moving us through our healing journey.

One activity was making a nature Mandala

Each Mandala was totally unique and had its own symbolism. The group shared with each other the meaning behind their mandala.

In the mandala above, the survivor spoke about how the glass represents how broken you feel. The clear glass is your lack of awareness, that your situation is domestic violence. The brown glass is how murky and horrible it becomes during the many times you try and leave.

The green represents enlightenment and the chance of new growth, even though you are broken.

The stones represent the steps and action needed to rebuild our broken selves.

The shell represents the spiral of hurt, shame and fear that has to be untwisted in order to repair.

The seed pods represent our internal seeds of hope for a new future and moving forward in life without abuse.

The large seed pod represents the power and strength we have within our mind, body and soul to keep moving forward.

The stick represents having to stay the course of rebuilding your life. To stay on the path and follow the steps. It represents the backbone of the healing journey. The combined elements show that there is a system and process to follow.

The feathers represent that by doing the work, taking steps, taking action, you will emerge free as a bird and can take flight being strong in the new you.

The first day of the DV-ART program was beautiful, calming and peaceful.

We are so grateful for Kerry’s skill in taking us through this amazing creative healing processes.

Heartfelt gratitude to Expressive Health Services for creating a beautiful heartfelt healing day, we are looking forward to day 2.

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