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Congratulations on your Bronze Award

Broken to Brilliant is proud to announce that our book titled - "Broken to Brilliant: Breaking free to be you after domestic violence, stories of strength and success" has been awarded the 2017 Bronze Medal Winner in the international digital publishing eLit Awards for the self-help category. We have been informed that the judges read every book from cover to cover. The award listing can be viewed at eLit Awards

Launched in 2010, the eLit Electronic Book Awards are open to all publishers and is among the largest and most recognised book awards events in the world, and all royalty, independent, university, small press, and self-publishers who produce eBooks intended for the global market are eligible to enter.

To the ten-chapter authors in the Broken to Brilliant book, thank you for being brave, baring your soul and being willing to help others rebuild their lives without financial or personal gain. Be proud of how far you have come moving from broken to a brilliant you.

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