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Broken to Brilliant Christmas in July High Tea 2021

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

We are so grateful that Broken to Brilliant was able to hold our Christmas in July High Tea, which was all about community, connection and celebrating our 5th birthday.

The event was a huge success! Thanks to the dedication of over 13 volunteers; the fabulous MC Loretta Ryan and our International Patron, singer-songwriter Karen Jacobsen.

A successful event comes from having a full house of guests. Broken to Brilliant thanks all our guests for attending, buying raffle tickets and being such a fun-loving group, helping to create a happy and enjoyable atmosphere.

Karen has attended high tea events all around the world, though one of her favourite destinations is the Broken to Brilliant Christmas in July High Tea because she is passionate about peace, humanity, and a world that works for everyone. This is at the core of Broken to Brilliant’s mission.

5th Birthday Celebrations

To celebrate our 5th birthday each guest received:

  • a gingerbread cookie with the number 5, donated by Becky B Hair and made by Sweet Street Baking.

  • a posy of 5 pieces of rosemary, representing healing and protection with lavender for calmness and rest, and of course, a candy cane to enjoy a little Christmas spirit.

  • a voucher for the Broken to Brilliant OP Shop

  • a lucky door prize ticket, the winner was thrilled with her prize donated by Bean Alliance

Thank you to the businesses who supported this event

Guests were wondering why they had received a brown decorated paper lunch bag. The decorated bag had a dual purpose for COVID reasons it was the allocated table number and seat number. But most importantly inside were business cards from people who proudly supported the high tea. Instead of the Charity spending money on white gloss monogrammed bags, we upcycled donated Op Shop items – lunch bags, paint, and glitter. Just a little Op Shop quirkiness. Though, we would be happy to receive donated Broken to Brilliant monogrammed bags for the 2022 event.

On #WorldGrattidueDay it is timely to do a BIG shout out of thanks to the individuals and businesses that supported the event:

We also included in the bag a card to remind people that they can donate their bottle and can collections to Broken to Brilliant using the container exchange code C10029698.

Thank you to all the volunteers who made the event possible

The event would not happen without the huge effort behind the scenes and there is always plenty of

people who dedicate so much time and energy. We would like to thank:

  • All the high tea volunteers: Tracey, Carol, Steven, Margaret, Neville, Cameron, Andrea, Elaine, Lin, Barbara, and Kate who planned and worked for 6 months bringing this together

  • Our International Patron Karen Jacobsen

  • Christmas music – Alex Nunn

  • All the businesses who donated raffle prizes.

  • Our fabulous MC Loretta Ryan

Also, we would like to thank, Colin Bushel Photography an award-winning photographer for capturing the essence and fun of this fabulous celebration.

A huge thank you to you all for making Broken to Brilliants 5th birthday celebration a memorable event.

Let us know if you would like to volunteer for the 2022 High Tea, you can register on our Help Us page on the website

We look forward to seeing you at the 2022, Christmas in July High Tea.

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