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Charming Charlie and the Spectacular Sophia workbook and book  - Paperback

The workbook

The Student Workbook is designed to support the reading of the book and give children and the people working with them a platform for discussions and an avenue to share their concerns in a safe way. The activities follow the sequence of the book so that greater understanding is gained along the way. Each lesson then covers at least two chapters of the book and explores what is discussed in those chapters. There is a ‘reflection’ section at the end and a glossary of words. The workbook is divided into eight to nine weeks of work so that it can be utilised in one term. It can progress quicker if needed. There is a mix of activities to provide variety and keep interest throughout. There are many opportunities for development of themes and mini projects.

This workbook was developed in collaboration with education staff and is linked to the curriculum.

The novel 

When Charlie gets teased one too many times, he and his new best friend Sophia come up with a master plan – but there is a major stumbling block!

Mr Dodds, the Principal of Warm Gully State School, is getting ready to retire. He doesn’t want anyone or anything to get in his way. He knows that Sophia and Charlie are up to something, but what?

Can Charlie and Sophia convince Mr Dodds that their plan will put Warm Gully State School in the spotlight? And can they persuade their two favourite teachers to come on the journey with them?

Join Charlie and Sophia as they discover that amazing things happen when you’ve got a best friend.

Workbook and Book - Charlie & Sophia

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