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From Broken to Brilliant: Celebrating 7 Years of Empowering Survivors and Rebuilding Lives

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

In May 2023, Broken to Brilliant celebrated its 7th Anniversary.

On the 26th of May 2016, Broken to Brilliant book and charity was launched at Strathpine Library during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

It is hard to believe that Broken to Brilliant is 7 years old.

Well, we are really older, as we were officially established in December 2015, but the seeds were sown years earlier. From late 2013 to 2015, we wrote our first book 'Broken to Brilliant', only to face a complete rewrite due to a legal review. It was a long birthing of the book and charity; despite the challenges, we did not give up.

Stories of Strength and Success

What started with one book has blossomed into a collection of four empowering titles:

1. Broken to Brilliant Breaking Free to Be You After Domestic Violence

2. Terror to Triumph Rebuilding Your Life After Domestic Violence

3. Shattered to Shining Journeys of Surviving and Thriving After Domestic Violence

4. Coerced to Courageous Taking Back Your Power After Coercive Control and Domestic Violence

Op Shops

Along the way, we ventured beyond the pages, opening two Op Shops one in Geebung and one in Adelaide Street Brisbane City. We hold monthly plant sales creating additional avenues for support, connection and fundraising.

High tea

In the spirit of celebration and support, we hosted five

heartwarming Christmas in July high teas, with our sixth just around the corner on July 23rd.

Collaboration has been the cornerstone of our success. Broken to Brilliant has proudly partnered with inspiring program creators, together developing a range of transformative programs using narrative, art, equine therapy, and financial support to help survivors to recover, heal and rebuild their lives. These programs include:

3. Blogging Self-care program - Blogging STARS and Blogging GEMS

4. Survivor to Thriver Mentoring Program

5. HEART- Healing Equine Art Resilience Therapy

6. Vision Board

7. DV-ART - Domestic Violence Amazing Resilient Thrivers

8. Financial Superwomen this program has expanded to Melbourne

Two New Programs

We are proud to be announcing two new programs:

1. RESTORE - Rebuild, Empowerment, Safely, Through, Outdoor, Relational, Equine. Our RESTORE Program is designed specifically for women survivors to rebuild with the support of our beautiful horses, professional counsellors, equine specialists and domestic violence survivors. We are seeking expressions of interest for this program.

2. Rise to Rebuild - Reconnection, Inspiration, Self-love Empowerment (Rise) to Rebuild is a growth empowerment and parenting program. We have places available, and this program is proudly supported by Logan City Council.

As we reflect on how far we have journeyed, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our supporters. Your belief in our mission has helped us strive ahead.

While we acknowledge our 7th anniversary, we also set our sights on the future. Join us in eagerly anticipating our tenth anniversary celebration, ‘pencilled in’ for May 23-26. As we deliberate between the weekend prior or the actual day, we invite you to keep those dates free. We have three years to decide, so stay tuned!

Together, let's continue this transformative journey and continue to grow, never ceasing in our pursuit of empowering survivors to recover, heal and rebuild their lives.

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